A personalized onboarding experience built for you.

At PERL Mortgage, we’re dedicated to providing ongoing support to our branch managers and loan originators. Our phased onboarding program ensures you get the advice and support you need to become part of the PERL family. From the time you join us, we strive to provide personalized, dedicated service to help you ease into your transition and quickly build and grow your business with PERL.

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Abby L. Personalized Onboarding


My name is Abby, and I’m an onboarding consultant here to assist you with your move to PERL. Your transition doesn’t need to be stressful; we have the tools, systems and people in place to make your move hassle free!

1 Phase 1 – Transition
  • Official introduction to your management and support teams
  • Database integration
  • LO’s, product and secondary training
  • Transition of license
2Phase 2 – PERL-ization
  • “I’ve Moved!” mailer and Eblast sent to database
  • Business cards
  • Personal website creation
  • Personalized marketing orders and training
  • Follow-up training to support remaining needs
3Phase 3 – Immersion
  • 30-day follow up with Human Resources
  • Full access to marketing materials
  • Complete access to PERL’s unparalleled products, programs and support